Manufacturing Resource Planning II
Data driven insights
Data driven insights
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Coming Q2 2024

Manufacturing Resource Planning II

Starting @ $2,500 p/m

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  • Production schedule | BOM
  • Production entry (includes scrap)
  • Secondary operations
  • Inventory dirty & finished (washed | dried)

Packaging Shipping Invoicing

  • Earmark packaged inventory to customer's order, making it ready to ship & invoice.
  • Packed/Fixed quantities per shipping package with one standard barcode PDF in label format.

  • Option to import CSV files with up to 250 rows of data starting at +$250 p/m.  Includes one standard barcode PDF in label format per row.
  • Bulk scaled packaging option starting at +$1000 p/m.   Custom local application installed on up to 5 Windows 10+ PCs and using customer's scales and industrial barcode printers.   Includes up to two barcode labels to tenant's specifications.   Two year term required.  Contact us via email link above for more information.


  • Customer order entry using C-Parts | Assemblies
  • Customer orders due
  • Customer shipping & invoicing
  • Open orders


  • Vendor purchase order entry for raw material
  • Raw material receiving
  • Raw material inventory
  • Open vendor PO report


  • Daily/Weekly sales & shipping report
  • Current finished product inventory
  • Current raw material
  • Raw material to order report
  • Custom barcoded labels starting at +$250 p/m
  • Custom reports starting at +$200 p/m

Data Maintenance

  • Tenant Parts aka T-Parts | PDF Attachment
  • Raw Material
  • T-Parts to Raw Material Matrix w/Parts Per Raw Piece
  • Production Machines
  • T-Parts to Machine Matrix w/Parts Per Minute
  • Employees | PDF Attachment
  • Certifications Needed
  • Employee to Certification Matrix w/Expiration Date
  • Employee to Machine Matrix
  • Customers
  • Customer Parts aka C-Parts to T-Parts Matrix | PDF Attachment
  • Customer Assembly to C-Parts Matrix
  • Raw Material Vendors
  • Package | Boxes
  • Shipping Vendors
  • Assistance with importing initial data lists to include: Parts, Raw Material, Machines, Employees, Customers and Vendors.
    Contact us via email link above for import file specification requirements


Need customer specific shipping labels?
Barcode labels, shipping labels, reports, and dashboards: Customized to your needs.

Available for an additional monthly fee.

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